Hotone FAQ

Nano Legacy

5 watts.

10 watts.

The original power adapter of Purple Wind has a voltage range of 100-240v, so it will work fine well in the UK. You may need a plug adapter, however.

Yes, the Nano Legacy amps works great connected directly to a mixer through the line out.

Yes, Hotone Nano Legacy series Amplifier has adaptive impedance matching from 4 Ohm to 16 Ohm cabinets, with an output power of 5 watts.

It’s fine to connect the line/headphones output with a mono jack.

The Nano Legacy amps works with 18V with a maximum output current of 900mA (at 18V 4Ohm).


The Nano Legacy heads don't need a speaker load to function, so you can certainly just use it with headphones. They also work great directly through an interface for computer recording.


The Nano Legacy amp FX loop is designed for -10dBV (instrument level). However, because the volume knob (LEVEL) is before the SEND in terms of circuitry, you can increase the SEND out signal a bit by turning up the level. It may not get up to +4dbV, but it should be enough to drive most rack equipment.


The amp heads are 100% analog solid state.


Sure can, that's what the FX loop is for. Remember to turn off the amp modeling on the multi-effects when you’re using it with the Nano Legacy amp.


The OUTPUT of Nano Legacy Cabinet is designed for connecting another cab in parallel; when you are using 2 Nano Legacy Cabs, the overall impedance will become to 4Ω.

If you can DIY the circuit in series and in parallel simultaneously, as long as the overall impedance is not lower than 4Ω, in theory, you can connect as many extra cabs as as you want.



Tuner works great on bass!

The “sense” knob on the Gate Pedal acts as a threshold. The sound is cut to 0dB when turned to the max, with no effect when turned to min.
The best way to use it is to adjust based on what you hear--cutting the noise with the least affect on your tone.
Yes, it sounds awesome on bass. Check out what our bass playing artists have to say about Komp on our website. 
The Skyline Komp and Blues are favorites among bassists. Fury is also at the top of the list.
The Harmony pedal works great with bass guitar.

Are the Skyline pedals cases made of metal?
Yes, they are made of a heavy Zinc alloy.

Skyline tuner CAN NOT work with an 18v power supply. The internal circuit would be destroyed under over high voltage. Please use a standard 9v power supply.


Soul Press: 

The working voltage of Soul Press pedal is 9 volts.

When switched to Expression mode, the the Soul Press resistance is 10k (master potentiometers:10k, trimmer potentiometer:10k).


The Soul Press doesn’t need to be powered in the expression pedal mode. Remember that the pedal needs to be connected with a stereo cable to be able to work in expression mode. 

In volume mode, the pedal is high impedance and must be powered. It keeps your tone working as an active pedal.


You’ll find our products at Tom Lee Music stores.


It’s pronounced HOT TONE.

You’ll find plenty of Hotone and user videos on YouTube. Additionally, there are high quality sound samples beneath each product on our website’s product pages.

All the latest product news can be found on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are online leaks from time to time, too—just search “Hotone Audio”.


Yes, it adapts within a voltage range of 100v to 240v.


For shipping safety reasons, none of our products come with batteries included.