In a recent post, Bluetooth blogger Nanci Taplett sang the praises of Hotone’s newest creation…the mighty Xtomp pedal.
Xtomp is one of a kind among pedals, even as it is hundreds of effects in one, and Hotone is proud to partner with Bluetooth in making this possible!

Look out for Xtomp to hit the stores later this summer, and be sure to check out Nanci’ s blog here:

Get Your Groove On with Bluetooth Technology
Posted on March 27, 2015 by Nanci Taplett

Musicians, DJs, and producers have a love affair with sound effects pedals. But over time, many classic and vintage effects pedals have become hard to find—and harder to afford, even if they could be tracked down on eBay. But Hotone wasn’t content to let those righteous sounds disappear from the market.

With love of music in mind, Hotone created the Xtomp Bluetooth Multi-Effects Pedal. This ultrathin stompbox simulates all kinds of iconic classic, vintage, and modern effects pedals through a library of over 300 models. What’s more, musicians can update and even contribute to the library, using a smartphone app to manage their effects and transfer them to the stompbox via Bluetooth® technology.

Hotone partnered with mobile music software producer EUMLab to develop a simple user interface that allows musicians to find the pedal model they want and add it to the XTOMP with the touch of a button, then adjust the XTOMP knobs as desired and they’re ready to rock.

According to Hotone, Bluetooth perfectly transfers pedal models to the XTOMP unit, ensuring pure tone and flawless functionality. And using Bluetooth, musicians can connect as many XTOMP units as they like. All the device connections appear in the XTOMP app, where users can get device information and independently manage each unit’s software and models.

Now the well-loved sounds of classic record collections are accessible to musicians again. Hotone says: “A number of professionals and collectors found it in their hearts to lend us vintage effects from their personal collections during the XTOMP R&D phase. We are grateful for their support in making the awesome tones of old available again, and we are honored and humbled by their trust and selflessness. That said, this ‘classical renaissance’ still has a long way to go, and we are calling on the music community for support in making XTOMP a vehicle to bring back the glory of those long lost days.”

Thanks to intelligent, power-friendly Bluetooth Smart, there’s nothing to keep you from getting your groove on—and supporting the music community at the same time.

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