Ampero Firmware Release Note

Version 2.1
Released 3/12/2019

Improvements & Changes

1. Greatly optimized expression pedal latency issue
2. Optimized expression pedal curves
3. Optimized Tuner interface reaction speed
4. Shortened the crossfade time when switching effect modules on/off or switching presets
5. Optimized footswitch operation experience when exiting Looper menu
6. Now Looper Pre/Post selection can be saved
7. Optimized MIDI communication efficiency
8. Optimized USB Audio performance and stability
9. Changed default output mode of unbalanced outputs (Global > I/O)
10. Changed default recording mode of USB Audio recording (Global > USB Audio)
11. General performance and stability improvements

Bug Fixes

1.When using Ampero as an USB interface, the recorded L/R effect signals are reversed – FIXED
2.When using Ampero as an USB interface, the recording signal level is too low – FIXED
3.When using Ampero as an USB interface, in some cases, there might be glitching noise/pop noise during playback – FIXED
4.Expression pedals won’t work in Drum/Looper menus – FIXED
5.Footswitch 1+2 and 2+3 works only under default settings (FS 1+2=bank down, FS 2+3=bank up, Global > Footswitch) – FIXED
6.Some effects may alter your tone when built-in expression pedal is off – FIXED
7.Setting and saving EXP2 settings may cause screen, footswitches and knobs malfunction – FIXED
8.Unit might be stuck when receiving MIDI messages – FIXED
9.Minor bug fixes

Version B6.4
Released 1/25/2019

Improvements, Changes & Bug Fixes

1.Optimized expression pedal latency issue
2. Built-in expression pedal cannot reach min value when fully lifted up - FIXED
3. In some cases, switching on No Cab mode may affect CAB module on/off status - FIXED
4. Switching Looper Pre/Post position may affect your tone – FIXED
5. In Looper menu, adjusting rec level may affect the effect overall gain/output - FIXED
6. Previous patch location will be changed when switching banks - FIXED
7. Some effects won’t work properly - FIXED
8. In some cases, Ampero may be crashed when using the expression pedal - FIXED
9. All outputs will be muted during factory reset progress
10. General performance/stability improvements and minor bug fixes

Version 1.0
Released 1/11/2019

Initial Release

Ampero Editor Release Note

Version 1.1.0 
Released 3/12/2019
In this software update, we changed USB communication methods between Ampero and your PC/Mac, which means, the new software will no longer recognize Ampero units with old firmware. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR AMPERO TO THE LATEST FIRMWARE FIRST before using the new software.  
Bug Fixes
1.In some cases, presets cannot be correctly imported/exported – FIXED
2.Quick Access Knobs, EXP 1 & EXP 2 settings cannot be correctly read in CTRL menu – FIXED
Version 1.0.2 
Released 2/14/2019
Improvements & Bug Fixes
1.Quick start tips added at the first launch
2.Effect description mistakes – FIXED
3.Ampero Editor cannot get correct information from Ampero unit after factory resetting - FIXED
4.Sync selections display error – FIXED 
5.Language selections aren’t working properly (Windows) – FIXED 
Version 1.0.0 
Released 1/25/2019
Initial Release 

Ampero Editor 1.1.1 for Mac
Ampero Editor 1.1.1 for Windows
Ampero Firmware - Chinese Version V2.1
Ampero Firmware - English Version V2.1

How To Update
1. USE AMPERO EDITOR 1.0.2 TO UPDATE FIRMWARE. If you’ve already installed Ampero Editor 1.1.0, please roll back to Ampero Editor 1.0.2 before updating.
2. In this firmware update, we optimized built-in expression pedal. Please recalibrate your pedal after updating for best experience.

Step 1
Download Ampero Firmware V2.1 and Ampero Editor 1.1.0 on our official website.
Step 2 Press and hold the “3” and “CTRL” footswitch along with the MENU/VALUE knob (Main Knob), then power Ampero on.
Step 3 Connect your Ampero to your computer, click “Update”, then choose the Firmware V2.1 file to update.
Step 4 Restart your Ampero after the update is complete.
Step 5 Install Ampero Editor 1.1.0 and enjoy!