Say hello to Ampero: the new generation Amp Modeler and Effects Processor


Shanghai: The Music China 2018 just closed in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on October 13. During the show, Hotone Audio announced several new products, which include the MP-100 Ampero, the game changer in Multi-Effects market.


As a brand-new flagship product after XTOMP, Ampero heart pounding amp modeling and uber quality effects are powered by the new-gen CDCM HD (Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling High Definition) and F.I.R.E. (Field Impulse Response Enhancement) system, bringing you the absolute best the world has to offer. Packaged in a cool, thin case with a 4-inch hi-def color touch screen, Ampero delivers all the real sounds of rock past and present.

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Abunch of new Hotone products are coming

Omni IR---Cab IR Loader

✪ Compact, easy-to-use IR loader pedal
✪ Advanced DSP platform with high quality 24-bit A/D/A conversion and great dynamic response
✪ Internal voltage boost circuit enhances effect headroom
✪ 40 internal IR files including legendary guitar/bass cabinet IRs and acoustic instrument simulations
✪ Detailed 4-band EQ with flexible frequency range and max. 12dB boost/cut
✪ Supports 3rd party IR files
✪ USB jack for firmware upgrading, loading/managing IRs with free PC/Mac software
✪ Aux in and headphone output for practicing and jamming
✪ 40 Presets
✪ Built-in OLED screen with clear display
✪ 1/4" output and XLR output for different performance scenario
✪ Assignable footswitch with LED
✪ 9V DC power supply
101mm (D) x 58mm (W) x 45mm (H)


Omni Acoustic --- Acoustic Simulator

✪ Compact, easy-to-use acoustic simulator pedal
✪ Advanced modeling technology for authentic acoustic tone
✪ Great for both electric and acoustic instruments
✪ 10 high quality acoustic simulation types including steel string guitars, nylon string guitars, resonators, ukuleles and more
✪ Simple, efficient 2-band EQ and variable low-cut filter for shaping your ideal acoustic tone
✪ 40 presets
✪ Internal voltage boost circuit for great headroom
✪ XLR out jack for feeding balanced audio signals
✪ USB jack for firmware upgrading
✪ Aux in and headphone output for practicing and jamming
✪ Built-in OLED screen with clear display
✪ Assignable footswitch with LED
✪ 9V DC power supply
101mm (D) x 58mm (W) x 45mm (H)


Jogg --- USB Audio Interface

✪ Professional USB audio interface in a mini-pedal-sized casing
✪ Advanced DSP platform delivers great sound quality and dynamic response
✪ 24-bit A/D/A conversion, 44.1kHz/48kHz sample rate
✪ Universal audio interface suitable for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android
✪ Plug ’n’ play - No driver needed
✪ 1/4” TRS input jack is capable for guitars, basses, keyboards, mics and more
✪ GAIN knob with max. 20dB boost/cut range
✪ 1/4” balanced stereo outputs
✪ Aux in and headphone output for different scenarios
✪ XLR output for feeding the signal directly to the mixer
✪ 9V DC power supply
101mm (D) x 58mm (W) x 45mm (H)


VStomp Amp Mobile: Heart Pounding Amplifiers on The Go

Same as its desktop version, VStomp Amp Mobile (For iPad) delivers organic, studio-grade sound quality and the exact character of legendary amplifiers.

✪ Grown out of next-gen XTOMP technology
✪ Simple-but-real guitar/bass amp simulator with easy-to-use UI
✪ Advanced CDCM modeling system ensures realistic playing experience
✪ Studio-grade sound quality, great dynamic and frequency response
✪ Growing amp/cab library
✪ 26 CDCM powered legendary vintage and modern amplifier models
✪ 20 CDCM powered classic cabinet models
✪ Built-in overdrive/boost effects
✪ Built-in delay and reverb effects with simple operation and huge ambience ✪ Built-in smart noise gate


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