Binary Amp Firmware V1.1.2 includes improvements based on recent customer feedback.

We recommend all Binary Amp users to perform this update for the best possible user experience.


Main Changes in Binary Amp Firmware

1.Optimized sound quality
Minor bug fixes

How To Update

Step 1 Launch the Support page on our official website and select SOFTWARE from the list. Select Binary from the product types and files will appear.

Step 2 Click the download links to download the latest Binary Editor installer (choose Windows or Mac) and Binary Firmware.

Step 3 Install Binary Editor v1.1.0 FIRST. You don’t need to uninstall the older version.
Step 4 Run the Binary Editor Software, then click the button at the top right of the UI.
Step 5 Click “Firmware Update”, then choose the file you just downloaded and confirm.
Step 6 Click the “
” icon and let it run the update.


Firmware Update Notice

To perform a manual update if your Binary pedal crashes:

1.Press and hold the footswitch along with the “-” and “GLOBAL” buttons, then power Binary on.

2.Connect a USB cable to your computer and open the Binary software.

3.Select the firmware update option and follow the procedure for the newest update.
After the update is complete, select and run “Restore Factory Settings” from the software.

5.When complete, disconnect the cable and operate your Binary as normal.


1. Please close your anti-virus software or disable disk scan function before using Binary Editor with Binary, since it may cause Binary Editor to crash.

2. If your device is not recognized by your computer, reconnect both the power cable and USB cable and try again.


Update Info - Binary Firmware V1.1.2

Firmware for Binary Amp V1.1.2