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Hot Kitty Drive

Based on the 2nd channel of the famous Bad Cat® Hot Cat 30* amp, the Hot Kitty Drive is a total Class A drive machine. The unique tone finds itself somewhere between British and USA territories with complex mids, tight lows and rich upper harmonics.

The right output features a fine-tuned cabinet simulator, based on the sound characteristics of a Bad Cat®* 1×12” cabinet with a 12-inch Bad Cat®* custom speaker.

Trem Eko 

This delay model comes with a unique tremolo that affects only the delay repeats. This is perfect for soundscapes cool and even creepy. The delay time range is 50ms-1000ms.

Hold the footswitch to engage Tap Tempo function. In Tap Tempo mode, the LED around the footswitch will pulse to indicate the delay time you set. Hold the footswitch again to disengage.




Shiver T

Shiver T is a special vibrato effect with dynamic depth control, which lets you create  touch-sensitive pitch modulation. Use the Rate knob to control the modulation speed; use the Sens knob to fine tune the sensitivity.



Can’t get no satisfaction! This model is a tape saturation simulator that simulates the sound character of a vintage reel-to-reel tape recorder, bringing you unbeatable analog warmth and natural distortion.