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Messe IV

The classic Boogie Lead sound...and beyond.

Messe IV is based on the legendary Mesa/Boogie® Mark IV™ amp head (LEAD channel). This massive lead tone is one of the most beautifully voiced tones that can always be heard in a mix. Of course, Messe IV comes with the classic 5-band graphic EQ, set to the “Classic V” setting! 


The right output features a fine-tuned cab simulator based on the sound characteristics of a Mesa/Boogie®* 4x12 cabinet with four 12-inch Celestion™ Vintage 30™* speakers.


*Mesa/Boogie® Mark IV™ is a product model of Mesa Engineering. Celestion™ Vintage 30™ is a speaker model of Celestion Speakers. The mentioned manufacturers and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective owners. The trademarks were used merely to identify the sound character of this product.



If you’re looking to add some special noise elements (wind sounds, broadcasting interference, etc.), Blank will get that done for you. This is a noise generator that outputs white noise (with a flat spectrum) for synth, texture, and experimental music.



Dual Analog Eko M

This model is a dual delay effect combining two delays in series, each with individual parameter controls. Set one short and one long and you’ve got that old school analog coupe. The two delays are separated on left/right sound channels when using stereo I/Os.

The delay time range is 20ms-1000ms.

Press and hold the footswitch to engage Tap Tempo function. In Tap Tempo mode, the LED around the footswitch will pulse to indicate the delay time you set. Hold the footswitch again to disengage.



Telephone Line

This special filter makes you sound like you’re playing over an old phone.  Tweak the Noise and Shake knobs to get a seriously iffy connection.




LPF is a low pass filter that lets the lows go and attenuates the highs. This is a lot of fun to use with synths, and it’s also great on guitar/bass to create something synth-y.