The September edition of XTOMP Friday is going to get heavy!

Soloist 100
The first Hi Gain Amp model for XTOMP!
This model is an amp simulator based on the sound characteristics of the legendary Soldano® SLO100* amp head (OVERDRIVE channel), which set a benchmark for hi gain amps. The reason you find the sound so familiar is because you’ve been hearing it on gold records since 1987.

Meet the Emperor of Tone! Based on the Matchless Chieftain 212 combo*, the Emperor features the rich harmonics and matchless sensitivity that made this amp a Class A legend.

It doesn’t get much dirtier than this. Based on the DOD® FX69 Grunge* pedal, the Grunger is a real widowmaker, putting out tons and tons of distorted distortion. Expect hysterical feedback, everlasting sustain, and no-nonsense grind.

Choruium E
The Choruium E is based on the ultimate compact chorus pedal featuring a wide frequency range and flexible high/low cut filters. You can easily create all kinds of chorus style effects.

Super Drive
This Super Drive is based on a classic, widely used overdrive which features a unique asymmetric overdrive circuitry. Delivering a rich, authentic-sounding tube-driven overdrive effect with wide tonal range, it’s one of a must-have overdrive model in your effect chain.

Baby Blue
This blue baby is based on the DOD® FX60 Stereo Chorus* pedal. It delivers a lovable chorus tone with smooth, lush textures. Simple 2-knob control makes it a real bundle of joy.

This model filters your signal by creating a series of peaks and troughs in the frequency spectrum, producing a smooth, natural phasing tone.

Mad Choruium
This model combines "Bass Crusher" and "Choruium B", allowing you to use two effects simultaneously (Bass Overdrive/Distortion + Bass Chorus).
The bass overdrive/distortion is based on the widely used yellow bass driver. It gives you a massive bass sound with super wide tonal flexibility. Three knobs keeps it simple: the HIGH knob is fixed at 11 o’clock, and the LOW knob is fixed at 1 o’clock.
The bass chorus model is based on the famous ensemble chorus unit tuned for bass players. It gives you a pure, lush chorus tone. Individual effect level control offers more flexibility for bass.

Mark 2x10
This model is a cabinet simulator based on the sound characteristics of a Markbass® Standard 102HF* bass cabinet with a custom horn and two 10-inch speakers.

Freedom 2x12
This model is a cabinet simulator based on the sound characteristics of a Fryette®FatBottom 212* cabinet with two 12-inch Eminence® P50E* speakers.