Elie Samouhi was fortunate to discover his passion for the guitar at the tender age of 4, when he stumbled across a pink plastic toy guitar his sister had received as a birthday gift.  Shortly after, he received a hand me down starter guitar.  From that day, he fell in love with and garnered great respect for the instrument and has not put it down since. Elie is most whole when playing his guitar which he refers to as "an extension of my body."  He feels most "alive" when performing on stage.  "Ahhhh...that energy of playing live with an audience is the most amazing feeling and energy in the whole entire world!"

In his young years, Elie has been featured by University of Rock, Norman's Rare Guitars and multiple forums for his talented guitar playing and spirited performances.  He has been headlined as the youngest talent performing at iconic venues such as NAMM, The Whiskey A Go Go, The Rainbow Bar and The Canyon Club playing with musicians much older than him.

Elie uses his passion, love and talent for music to spread positive messages and foster meaningful living.  He is known to give back to the community and has been highlighted for his volunteer work using his music to spread love and joy at nursing homes, homeless shelters, kids cancer associations and, in conjunction with charity organizations such as Kids Rock Studio, which supports youth in music.  Kids Rock Studio founder Scoonie Gee refers to Elie as "a 10 year old multi music prodigy. He just turned 10 but is years ahead with his music abilities as a guitarist, singer, drummer and bassist. This kid is jaw dropping and puts on an electrifying performance by nature.  He just loves to play music and we are honored to showcase his positive energy and talent!"

As a young singer/songwriter, Elie has most recently written a song he called "Your Soul" along the lines of spreading kindness and embracing differences.

In addition to being a musician, Elie Samouhi is also an actor and has appeared in film, commercials and major networks, including FOX and Nickelodeon, oftentimes featured as himself in his natural state of musician.

His exploration of the HOTONE AUDIO XTOMP has inspired him to discover and develop his personal style/s and has been the impetus to several of his original songs. He is excited, honored and most grateful to join the HOTONE community!
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