In 2016, Hello Nico was nominated as The 27th Golden Melody Awards. It was the remarkable honour for artists and musicians. However, as the bassit Chen Hsin-Po walked along the red carpet with his band members all dressed up dandy with suit and tie, he felt indistinctly unreal.
At the age of twelve, Chen Hsin-Po lived with his cousin in Los Angeles, where his musical inspiration was lit up by the Rock n’ Roll beat played through the morning clock, such enlightenment was more rock solid than imagination for a 12- year-old teenager. That year, he moved back to his hometown, Taipei, and started his Rock n’ Roll exploring journey, spent endless time on listening records in record shops. Till he finally got himself into the band rehearsal room to making music.

He picked up bass as his preference and joined Rock n’ Roll music club for learning at the age of sixteen in high school. There’s no particular reason for falling into bass, it sounds great, purely.

He was awarded as the ‘Best Bass Player’ in a national band competition by the age of seventeen, ‘Best Yamaha Band Contest Bass Player’ at twenty-two. He has been highly acclaimed as a successful bass player ever since.
For now, the meaning of these considerable awards recognition are touched memories in the youthful time, he’s going to continue sharing his vibe and riffs with the crowd that moves with him down the stage each time he plays, in the world of music.

As for Hsin-Po, music is a dynamic and chaotic movement that he couldn’t be specific about what it really is, it’s something beyond expectation and moving, it’s a lifestyle and a tool to interpret the world.
Forming a band is the best way for self practise in the pursuit of music, through serendipity, Hsin-Po was able to participate professional acts by collaborating with different well-known artists and musicians, his musical footprints were all over the world.

With such extensive performing experiences, Hsin-Po worked more closely with his band members to lift up to a artistic perfection level on producing great quality sounds as well as keeping the band’s live performance flow on a stability basis.
Choosing a lifestyle, rather than just choosing a carrer in music instead.

● Musical Collaborations: (In alphabet order)

A-mei Chang、Alex Lee、Ayal Komod、Chao Shu Hai、Jia Jia、Johnny Yin、LaLa Hsu、Lo-Da Yo、MC HotDog、MJ116、Wang Mon Ling、Where Chou, Russell Watson、Tseng Yu-Jia、Yan Yige
● Achivements:

2017 - 6th Abilu Music Awards,  ‘Best Rock Band of the Year’
2017 - 10th Freshmusic Awards, ‘Best EP’ Impression Nomination
2016 - 27th Golden Melody Awards ‘Best New Act’ Nomination
2016 - 9th Freshmusic Awards, ‘Best New Group’
2015 -5th Abilu Music Awards, ‘Best New Act’ Nomination
2014 - 8th Freshmusic Awards, ‘Best EP of the Year’ Plankton on the City
2014 - 8th Freshmusic Awards ‘Best Top 10 Track’ 2013 - 24th Yamaha Band Contest ‘Best Bass Player’, North District
2013 - 24th Yamaha Band Contest Band Contest, Rank No.3, North District
2011 - Dakeng Music Festival, Rank No.3
2011 - 5th Shih Hsin University GTC Awards, Rank No.2
2010 - Taiwan Composition and Songwriting Contest, Champion
2010 - Rock’NGirl Festival, ‘Best Composer’
2010 - 4th KNJC Music Contest ‘Best Performance’
2009 - Eslite Wu Chang Uprising Music Contest, ‘Best Performance’
2005 - 3th Battle of Rock and Dance, ‘Best Bass Player’
2005 - 3th Battle of Rock and Dance, Rank No.2
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