Scott McKeon is a Blues prodigy. He was taken on by Mark Knopfler’s manager when he was 18 years old and since then has shared performance spaces with the biggest names in music - think Eric Clapton, BB King, Sheryl Crow and John Mayer to name but a few. He has also played some of the most prestigious venues and music events in the world including Glastonbury Festival, Montreux, The Royal Albert Hall, Montreal Jazz Festival, Taste of Chicago, along with countless TV appearances in Europe and the U.S. 

Scott has given a lifetime of dedication to his craft as a guitarist, singer and songwriter. Initially inspired by his dad’s love of blues and fifties rock n roll music he took up the guitar at the age of four. In 1998, Scott was the winner of Guitarist Magazine’s “Young Guitarist of the Year” and by the age of fourteen, he was already fronting his own band. Today, he continues to write, tour and produce his own music as well as that of other artists.

We got to know Scott through his work and his pursuit of new sounds and experimentation with effects. He already had gear from Strymon but was keen to try out some more compact pedals with a different feel.  We sent him Grass, Komp and Eko pedals from Hotone and he was impressed by their punchy character and small footprint. They became instant companions through their portability, grit and edginess.  This is what Scott had to say when we caught up with him: 

 “I've been using the 'Grass', which is my go to overdrive pedal at the moment. It's like a mini Tube Screamer™. Adds a nice bit of grit to my sound, for solos and lead stuff.  I've also been using the 'Komp' as my main compressor. It's very translucent, and I'd put it up there with pedals twice or three times the price. Perfect for clean funky chops. I use the 'Eko' as an extra delay pedal in my chain, especially for that 50's slapback sort of sound. It can be very subtle and is very easy to use… and the great thing about all these pedals, is they take up no room at all on my board!!” 

Most recently Scott joined James Arthur on his European tour and has been doing some rather special gigs with Robbie McIntosh…. oh, and is currently touring with non other than Tom Jones! 

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