Fast and Hard New School Punk —The Grenma

'The Grenma' is a skatepunk trio from Budapest, Hungary, formed in 2004 by Csongi (guitar, vocals), Dóri (bass) and Matyi (drums).

Built on the basis of high school friendship and mutual musical influences, the band found its own sound by mixing classic skatepunk with modern pop-punk: fast and powerful riffs, catchy melodies and smart lyrics.

The first few years' underground success, heavy touring and quickly growing fanbase caught the attention of media and major record labels. After wining Bravo magazine’s 'Album of the year 2009', more songs got played on radio, videos got on TV, fans kept coming, shows got bigger, and with hard work 'The Grenma' has managed to became the biggest and most successful new-school punk band in Hungary.

Here’s what Csongor says about Hotone:

I’ll always stick with big tube heads and heavy 4x12s, but I prefer a really tiny pedalboard. Hotone Skyline series look like mini robots, they are amazingly small, but still sound VERY good - the perfect combination. The sound that comes out of these matchboxes is actually hard to believe. I use the Tuner, the Grass and the Eko live, and I’ll definitely add some others to my collection soon. 

Dóri says:

I like punchy, overdriven and articulate bass tone. It may sound simple, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with my tone until I tried some Hotone pedals. Now my chain starts with the Tuner, that goes into the Komp, which helps tighten my sound, and a bit of drive from the Blues pushes my amp into fat overdrive. I get compliments on my bass tone all the time, and did I mention how cute they are?!

Do yourself a favor and tune into The Grenma:


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